Catalogs, Printed Materials and Publications

Copies of relevant catalog and other printed materials are available in the appendix section of this document. Because my use of media as a sound artist I have broken the section down into two categories: print publications and materials composed of exhibit catalogs, materials ,and publications and audio publications and releases such as records, CD’s, and web distributed-media. Links to samples of audio publications are available in the appendix. 

Print Publications and Materials

Catalogs for exhibitions were printed for various exhibitions including The Basin and Range Exhibition a traveling exhibit featuring the works of several Nevada Artists, The Memphis Social in Tennessee, East of Fresno in California, my thesis exhibit at the Donna Beam Fine Arts Gallery, and the MFA Thesis Catalogue published by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, State of the Union was published as part of The Audacity of Desperation exhibit presented at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and the Sea and Space Gallery in Los Angeles. 

Published catalogs are available in APPENDIX B

Audio Publications

As a recording artist I have participated in group as well as solo work. My most recent release was AutoHypnosis published by Mute Sound in Zaragoza, Spain in 2015. AutoHypnosis is part of a curated collection of one minute tracks created by sound artist around the world. The Hellen Keller Experience was a curatorial project of Artist Yasmina Chavez at Alfred University, the work was described in this curatorial statement:

“This is a permanently accessible compilation of sonically scored spaces. Like a musician who writes a ballad based on a personal relationship which then the listener applies to their love life to find significance, the composer/artist in “The Helen Keller Experience” creates a score for a room based on their experience and/or thoughts of a space that then the participant can apply to their own comparable place. This is an empirical experiment which posits experience of space as a simultaneously unique and standardized account. It is about the transference of significance through the recontextualization of a setting via sound: a sonic exploration into how we place and interpret meaning from the objects and spaces that surround us both as maker and user.” – Yasmina Chavez, Curator

In 2010 I recorded a track for a compilation of Field Sound Art for Power/Field 2 released by Anarchymoon Records in New York. The works were curated by Bob Bellerue a prolific sound artist based in New York City.

Power/field is a compilation dedicated to the creation of experimental music recordings live on-site in the “field” wherever that may be. As opposed to common electronic music / noise compositional techniques whereby field recordings are used in live performances and in tape compositions with added electronic processing, Power/field is dedicated to work that is created in the context of the field where processing equipment is brought to the site where the recordings occur, where the studio is brought to the field and not the opposite. With a “no post-processing” policy, the works presented vary from raw snippets of minimal sound projects to long works with a composed progression.

In this second edition of the series, Power/field 2 presents a wide variety of compositional styles: from non-processed recordings of interesting and bizarre acoustic phenomena (Francisco Lopez, Dave Phillips, Sean Oneill, Circuit Wound, Glenn Bach, Brian Schorn, Brizbomb, Alessandro Massobrio, Johnny Chang), to layered real-time musique-conrete (Thomas Dimuzio, Father of the Flood, David Sanchez Burr, Kevin Schlueter, Thomas Park), to minimal live input noise (Wilt, Novasak, Francisco Meirino, Bob Bellerue, Napalmed, IDX1274), to combinations and general curiosities (Joke Lanz and Daniel Löwenbrück, Ben Owen, Nat Hawks and Christian Science Minotaur, MLF, Mark Cetilia, Jeff Thompson, Terence Fuller, Basti Manen, Will Gresson, Thomas Park) 

In 2002 Ansurbana a curatorial and performance project released its recording of Dawn of The New Rifff on Moodswing Records based in Atlanta, Georgia. This was an experimental live recording that included over 12 musicians, orchestrated through cued lights and video.

After moving to San Francisco and departing from the Richmond, Virginia based band Hell Mach Four the band released “Origami Rockets” in CD format, my contribution to this CD was as a contributing writer. During my time as a member of the band we released one full length LP that was self titled on Moodswing Records. We also released a split single 45 titled “record some go to hell, others go to heaven”  with Stinking Lizavetta as a collaborative effort between Ruido and Moodswing Records in1997.  The band was featured in two CD compilation releases: “Trendy Compilation” released by Trend is Dead Records and “A Compatibility of Dissonance” released by Lakeside Records both in 1996. My work as a musician has also been released for a Richmond, Virginia based band called “Pleasure Astro” A self released cassette was published in 1994 and a compilation CD was released by a collaborative of bands in Virginia called “Several Dead Presidents” also in 1994.

Prints of these releases are available in APPENDIX C