Conferences, Panel Discussions, and Lectures

Striking the balance between theory-based investigations and arts production practices, I have had the opportunity to speak about my work before audiences for various organizations, professional conferences and universities. Most of my exhibits in the past decade have included artist talks as part of exhibition programming. Although seemingly informal these artists talks form a large portion of my speaking experience and are rigorously produced based on extensive research in my field. I have made myself available frequently to deliver these presentations and have had positive feedback and invitations to further exhibits. Organized artist talks are listed here chronologically starting with the most recent: Wormfarm Institute in Wisconsin,  The University of Nebraska, The Currents International New Media Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the Memphis Social, in Memphis Tennessee, The Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center in Asheville North Carolina, The Winchester Art Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, The Clark County Government Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Brett Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada. The University of Nevada Las Vegas, The Contemporary Art Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, Office Ops in Brooklyn, New York, and The San Francisco Art Institute.

At the College Art Association Conference in 2020 I was invited to participate in a panel discussion as a discussant in Sounding to Power: Identity and Resistance in Contemporary Sound Art, Assistant Professor. The panel includedCharles Eppley, Oberlin College, Professor Terri Weissman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Associate Professor Sascha Crasnow, University of Michigan, Assistant Professor Vivian Sheng, The University of Hong Kong. 

While working towards building a research narrative for my works that include participation and co-authored audience experiences, I was invited to present my research at the Arts in Society Conference in 2019 at the Instituto Politecnico de Lisboa, in Lisbon Portugal. “The Cacophony of Choice” was presented alongside the work of Robin Scully, Art Program Director, Student Affairs, Virginia Tech, VA, Gil Oliveira Teixeira, University of Pittsburgh, PA, and Anna Pinkas, The Borough of Manhattan Community College, NY. This lecture was also presented at Lake Forest College in 2019 as part of the College’s Faculty Discussions program.

In 2016 as part of programming for the Tilting the Basin exhibition at the Nevada Art Museum in Reno, I was invited to present a lecture on my research in environmental art and time-based media. The lecture titled “Maintenance and Decay” was a compilation of my work ,theory and practice of environmental time-based art. 

In 2016 I participated in the South Eastern College Arts Conference as part of presentations for the Ecology Communication in Art and Education panel, alongside Thomas Asmuth, University of Florida, Sara Geverutz, Virginia Commonwealth University and Daniel McGarvey and Independent Scholar. 

n o w h e r a r a d i o was the subject of a few lectures at various institutions, including New Mexico Highlands University, Lake Forest College, and The University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Additional mentions of conference, discussion panel and lecture participation are available on my curriculum vitae.